Hail, fair denizens of the internet! I bid ye welcome be in this my lair. My name is Aethersea, or Splash. My parents are from Brazil, I grew up in suburban California and then we moved to Denmark. Four and a half years later, and to everyone’s surprise (most of all our own), we moved back. This is not a blog about anything in particular, just about me. My life, my thoughts, etc. My sister suggested that I write an autobiography, so this will be my collection of raw material; my diary, I suppose. If anyone ever reads this blog of mine, well, I hope you find it interesting.

Cat and MouseAs for me, well, my interests are (in no particular order): reading, writing, knitting, languages, cookies, embroidery, etymology, anime, grammar, and singing. I don’t like board games, card games (with exceptions), overly depressing books and movies, math (though I’m actually pretty good at it), and physical exersize.

I’m not good at understanding people. I know myself pretty well, and I can usually understand a character in a book in next to no time; but in real life, people have always baffled me. Only recently have I started to understand why people do the things they do, and I still don’t really trust my own judgment. Hopefully, one day, I’ll get there.

In the interests of not being found by people I know unless I want them to find me, and because it’s fun, all people and locations have been renamed.


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