The Sky

People say the stars make them feel small. I never quite understood it. When I look at the stars, truly look, I feel I could fall into them forever. I feel I could reach out and touch them. I feel as if they are a map, telling me stories with no end. I feel as if the world is made of wonder, just for me.

The sky here is enormous. It stretches from one hilly horizon to the other, unhindered and vast. The clouds look so huge and so perfect and so close. I understand why man has dreamed of flight for centuries, but to fly into such a sky would be inadequate. I want to spread my wings and become the sky. I want to lose myself in its unutterable grandness, I want to fill my soul with clouds and wind and color and light. I want to be deep and vast and endless, I want to stretch from horizon to horizon and go on forever. Sometimes I imagine it happening, and I can almost feel the wind blowing through me, lifting me up until I


the sky.


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