An Invitation

Crash invited everyone over to his house a couple days ago – just an open invitation, “I’m alone in the house so anyone who wants to come over is welcome,” he wrote on Facebook. It hurt to read it. I was sorely tempted to make some sort of joke out of it, so I would feel better – something like “Oh, now I’m gone you invite people over.” I didn’t, because it would have been silly and cruel and it probably wouldn’t have made me feel that much better anyway. But it still hurt. Even more when, the next day, he repeated his invitation, and now he’s posted once more that he’s free and the house is empty enough for company. It hurts to read.

I don’t know how long it will be before I’ve adjusted to this. For now, though, every such comment sends a stab of – jealousy? longing? I’m not sure – through my heart.


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