The Harry Potter Marathon (part 2)


Before going to sleep I had warned my friends that I am a monster in the mornings, and that if you wake me with lights and noise I will hate you with a black and bitter loathing for a good while after. This is perfectly true, and I was also completely honest when I said that if you anger me as I’m waking up I will not forgive you for the rest of the day (or at least not until I’ve won a shouting match with you). I think I scared them a little, because they were very nice about waking me. They were not quite as nice to Crash, though that might have been just because he was so hard to get up.  He fell off the bed and onto my mattress just as I finally sat up and started noticing my surroundings, apparently because he’d been either dragged or pushed there (or both). He grabbed my pillow, but I wasn’t ready to get up yet after all and grabbed it right back. (I think I tried to leave him half, but it didn’t work out so well because everyone else was trying so hard to yank him to his feet.) It took another ten minutes of poking, pulling, laughing and stealing his covers before he finally got up.

We made our sleepy way downstairs again, where there was breakfast. Ripple made smoothies – unfortunately these contained berries, which I am not fond of, but she had a banana and I ate that. It broke in half and fell on the floor, which saddened me greatly. I picked it up and put it back, and three minutes later it fell again. This saddened me so that I threw away the broken-off piece and grumpily settled for what was left.

We retired to the living room. I wrapped myself in my sleeping bag, lay down against someone – Taz, I think – and tried to keep my eyes open. Luckily I haven’t seen the fourth movie so very many times, so I managed without any great difficulty. I think Crash didn’t have too much trouble either, and no one else was as prone to drifting off. Indigo showed up towards the end of the movie and someone descended to the matress. After that we regularly changed seats so everyone would have a chance on the couch. Come to think of it, I think Indigo was the only one not to lie on the floor – perhaps because she was still a bit sick, and we all subconsciously wanted to ensure she stayed well. (It was subconscious for me, anyway.)

After the fifth movie Ripple declared that we all needed fresh air. This was a despotic decree on her part; no one had any choice in the matter. After much griping and groaning about how cold it was outside, we finally changed out of our pyjamas and went. Everyone was hungry by then, so we stopped by a pizza place and everyone but Squiggle ordered a pizza. I had no cash on me, so I borrowed from Taz. Then we stopped by the supermarket again to buy chocolate. Squiggle bought a cucumber, for some unfathomable reason even she couldn’t give. The line was irritatingly long, and Ripple and I left them there and went off ahead. There was a yarn shop between her house and the supermarket which had previously caught my eye; now Ripple suggested we might look inside. I needed no more encouragement, and I came out of there with four skeins of a lovely deep blue. Ripple laughed at me, but I didn’t mind.

We came out and saw everyone else walking ahead of us. We giggled at them as they came to the door and rang the bell repeatedly and fruitlessly. Then we all went inside and ate pizza, except Squiggle, who ate her cucumber. The TV had mysteriously stopped working, and Ripple, Taz and Crash spent ten minutes trying to figure out why. Ripple finally called her dad, who suggested pressing the ‘on’ button on the television set. Feeling rather silly, we settled down to more Harry Potter.

I’d only seen each of the last three movies once, so I was quite gripped. We had a few discussions about how good a certain actor was or how tough a certain character had become, and one or two about how all of the battle spells seem to just throw people back in the air, no matter which one you choose. Crash commented on how ‘evil’ people actually murder their victims a lot more humanely than the ‘good’ ones – one hit with the Death Curse and they’re gone, instead of battering them with magic until they finally succumb.

At some point between movies it was decided that we would perform at the school’s Bandfest. Taz and Indigo both play the keyboard and Ripple plays the drums; Indigo has recently started learning to play guitar, so she ended up doing that. I got slated as lead singer. We agreed to meet the following Thursday to practice.

It was around midnight when we finally finished the movies. Squiggle had homework that she needed to turn in before ten a.m. the next day lest she face consequences which could be . . . severe, so she went home. Crash and Indigo did the same, for less urgent reasons. Taz, Ripple and I saw them off, cleaned up a bit and went to bed.

I had a weird dream in which Ripple was forcing us all to go out hiking. She’d already gotten Taz on her side, and both of them were growing steadily more annoyed as I struggled to get up and move at anything other than a snail’s pace. Meanwhile the whole bedroom was transported to Russia, I think it was, though it might have been France. There were immense public gardens with monolithic structures in reddish-pinkish-orange granite. I couldn’t find my hiking boots and Ripple was threatening to leave without me.

Taz finally dragged me into the land of wakefulness. He took even longer to wake me than Squiggle had, just sort of rubbing my shoulder and saying my name. I have no idea how long he was at it before I started hearing him, but it took a while after that before I woke enough to open my eyes. I wanted to tell him to stop speaking Danish and try English instead, it being my native tongue and all, but I was too sleepy.

When woken, I will not get out of bed unless bullied into doing so. I’m actually quite susceptible to this kind of bullying, seeing as I know myself so well and do realize that getting up is what people are supposed to do in the mornings. Just give me five to ten minutes, and then you can drag me off whenever. Taz and Ripple didn’t know that, though, and didn’t seem inclined to test my temper. We ended up just talking for some while as I slowly woke up.

I made an effort. Really I did. Eventually I attained a sitting position. I even stood up. Then we all just sort of stood around staring at each other, and I gave up and sat back down. Ripple fell over onto the bed, and I took that as a cue to do the same. Taz joined us. Ripple started drumming on his stomach, then mine. This turned into a tickle fight, which ended up with all of us sort of piled on top of each other. On top of me, actually, now that I think about it. Hmph. Anyway, this process repeated itself, with small variations, several times.

We went down to breakfast. It was a tad awkward, as Ripple’s father and brother had both returned home and we’d never met either of them, but after the ice was broken pleasant, if sparse, conversation did take place. Then we retreated upstairs once more and piled on top of each other again for a bit. I looked at Ripple’s books – I find myself drawn to books no matter where I am – and we played with a puzzle box she had sitting on a shelf. After that we played a game called Axis of Evil, which was interesting (especially as I won both times).

After that it was sort of silently agreed upon that it was time to go. We changed out of our pyjamas, packed our things and finished cleaning up. Ripple saw us out, then Taz, who had a bike, walked with me to the bus stop – or almost to the bus stop, as the bus arrived just before we did and I sprinted to catch it. I spent the rest of Wednesday happy, except that I refused to admit how tired I was so I ended up doing nothing all day.

It was, all told, a spectacular movie marathon. It would have been better if we’d all been there, and from the start, but it was still fantastic. Sometimes I look around me and I realize how lucky I am to have people I can spend so much time with, people I can rely on and laugh with and spend time with without worrying. People who make me grin, and often, when they’re not even there. Not everyone has that. I am going to fight to keep this friendship together through the years, really I am, because it’s worth it.


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