A Quick Apology

The trouble with writing a post like my last one is that I can’t bear to look at it. Not because it’s painful, exactly, but because it’s painfully embarrassing. While I write I feel no shame, I suppose because there are too many other emotions crowding for my attention, but afterwards it takes weeks before I can look at it without wincing.

I won’t delete it, though. I don’t ever do more than change a word or two in any of my posts, or sometimes the structure of a sentence, because I’m supposed to be honest about my thoughts on life and such. That can’t happen if I change my posts whenever I change my opinions, so I’m going to leave stuff up even when it’s not so great.

So I apologize now, in advance and retroactively and in a general sort of way, for any pointless posts (like the ones complaining about how sick I was) and for any over-emotional and perhaps uninteresting posts (like this last one). I also apologize for how long it will likely take for me to be able to come back to this blog after writing something like that.



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