Hey Stoopid

I can’t believe how mature, intelligent, compassionate and sensible these lyrics are. This is Alice Cooper, for pity’s sakes! This is the guy who sings about stealing cars and S&M and cannibalistic clowns! He’s supposed to be tough and insane and one of those totally bad rockers who are way too cool for – well, for anything, really. But here he is advocating good sense and strength and going on with your life. I’m impressed.

It’s even a good song.


It was one in the morning when I wrote this. I get more enthusiastic about things like this at one in the morning. This song is not all that awesome. Still, I don’t think I was wrong to be pleased and even impressed that someone like Alice Cooper sang it. My mom, when she saw this, didn’t get my surprise, and maybe I’m really only surprised because I grew up in an age where the toughest ‘musicians’ around are angry rappers, who – stereotypically, at least, and I don’t like rap so stereotypes are just about all I know – would never have such lyrics in their songs.


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