You know the Westboro Baptist Church? Most people in America do, I believe. If you don’t and you choose to look them up, steel yourself. Their website is full of swearing and hate. Reading it is unpleasant. If you don’t think so, if you agree with them, then please go away right now. Don’t bother to comment or even read further. Just leave, and don’t ever come back.

They disgust me. I try not to think about them, and generally I manage. But today I saw something that actually made me quite happy: Anonymous has hijacked their Facebook page!  I know it’s not technically legal, but I love that this happened, and I know I’m not alone. Even better, Anonymous hasn’t filled the page with anger or vindictiveness, but with posts about love and kindness. The worse it gets is the taunting excessiveness of posts about gays, but there are no insults. There are even a few generic cute animal pics. It is work to make cute animal pics political.  *I just realized that I am way behind on this. It seems to have happened at least a month ago. Whoops. Oh well.

I’ve always liked the principles and ideals set forth by Anonymous, but I’ve read too much sci-fi to be totally comfortable with the idea of a semi-organized, faceless group of vigilantes who cannot be traced. This, though – this comforts me. Yes, they did something illegal, but all they wounded was pride. They’re not even being slanderous. (Although in this case, who needs to be?)


Turns out they didn’t hack it after all. They created the page themselves, for the perfectly legal purpose of satire. That’s not quite as badass, but in its own way it’s even cooler, because doing it legally means no one’s rights have been infringed upon.


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